Meet our Team

Founder and Managing Director Sharon Smith

Sharon Smith – Founder & Managing Director of Reliable Industries Ltd. Mrs. Smith oversees the daily operations of Reliable and plays an integral part in ensuring that services are upheld to the gold standard. She takes pride in providing quality services and hiring and training employees to perform at their best.

Managing Director Jason Smith

Jason Smith – Managing Director. Son of Sharon and Steve Smith, Jason joined the company in 2005. Jason oversees the commercial and industrial services division.

Marketing Executive Jenique Smith

Jenique Smith – Marketing Executive. Daughter of Sharon and Steve Smith, Jenique joined the company in November 2012.

Front Line Employees – We are proud to employee 150 employees representing over 30 countries.

Reliable Industries Ltd. was humbly founded in the home of Steve and Sharon Smith in 1990. Steve was always passionate about the business and how to improve and build upon what had already been established. This meant expanding into different services and always seeking to provide the customer with the utmost care. He truly had a love for what he did and was a shining example of hard work and dedication to the job. His vision is still upheld throughout the company to this day.

The Late Steve Smith

The late Steve Smith (1957 – 2010)– Founder of Reliable Industries Ltd.


25 Years Reliable Industries LTD.