Green Cleaning

If you want to be sure your purchases are both safe and effective, look out for the Green Seal logo or the US Design for the Environment logo. Green Seal, Inc. is an independent, non-profit organisation that certifies products that are truly environmentally responsible, sustainable and safe for humans, and which perform as well as – if not better than - non-eco equivalents. Design for the Environment (DfE) is a programme of the US Environmental Protection Agency that promotes the use of products that perform as well as conventional cleaners, but have an improved profile for human and environmental health – in other words they don't yet qualify for the Green Seal but are certainly greener than products that don't bear this logo.

Our major seller and product of use is Blue Planet from Intercon Chemicals. The line carries a wide array of cleaners from all-purpose, window cleaners, kitchen and bathroom products. Not only is this line of products good for the environment, but it gets the toughest cleaning jobs done.

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Green Seal Certified
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