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Bio3xicide Service

The Bio3xicide Ozone Service is an ozone generator that removes harmful bacteria, viruses, mites, mold, fungi, spores, and any type of parasite in an environmentally friendly and natural way. The service removes odor, and there is no residual chemical trace. The ozone is transformed into pure oxygen after the service is complete. Easy, quick, 100% eco-friendly disinfection service respecting man and nature. The air we breathe contains about 24% oxygen, 74% is nitrogen, while the remaining 2% is gas, in addition to gas there is water vapor and many organic and inorganic particles are suspended in the air. Other ozone generators that use the ambient air directly as it is to generate ozone, produce toxic carcinogenic substances, harmful to humans and animals. The air reacts with nitrogen, leading to the cogeneration of toxic substances. The water contained in the air “humidity” reacts with nitrogen oxides. It is precisely for this reason that we have an ozone generator – Bio3xicide Ozone Service- equipped with a sophisticated molecular filter system that has the task of filtering and removing both the dirt particles and also the humidity, releasing towards the reaction cell, humidity free air.

There are three simple steps:

1. Disinfection

2. Sterilization

3. Deodorization

The ozone service is suitable for the following:

  • Residential Homes
  • Hospitality Venues
  • Medical Venues
  • Industrial Venues
  • Automotive
Here is what our clients are saying:

“I did the bio3xicide service for my condo last month. I am very happy with the results. The condo is much cleaner and the air quality has improved. The service was very professional, punctual and efficient, with experienced personnel. It took around 3 hours for the ozone treatment and best of all is it is safe and avoids use of harmful chemicals or disinfectants. This is an ideal treatment to clean and Effectively disinfect our homes from the risk of the Covid virus. I appreciate this a lot, especially as I am a Healthcare professional and am at a high risk for Covid. This treatment makes me feel safe and I have peace of mind that I am keeping my family safe as well, without exposing them to harmful chemicals”

- "Dr Alwin S A Almeida" (MBBS, MS-Ortho)
    Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

“Ozone cleaning /air purification was completely new to me, Roberto Logioia at Reliable Industries did an excellent job in explaining how the system works and his professional attention to detail in scheduling and executing the service at time convenient and safe to our family (including the dog) was impressive. We are very glad we had done the Ozone cleaning. We came back to a very clean and odor free home. It actually seems to kill the odors completely”.

- "Andy Adapa"

“I am happy to speak of the excellent customer service and favorable results having chosen the Bio3xicide service offered by Mr. Roberto Logioia at Reliable Industries. Our dwelling place had recently been treated for mold and we thought it prudent to have the house ozonated as an additional precaution.

The team arrived on time and were very professional and thorough. The result was a house that was odor free and filled with fresh air. Mr. Logioia was also kind enough to perform a humidity test. The improved air quality was observed by all including my wife and mother in law. We were also able to reoccupy the house in less time than had we chosen a different ozone generator service. I recommend the Bio3xicide service to all who are considering using an ozone generator.”

- "Ryan Bahadur"


For more information on our Bio3xicide service please contact:


Roberto Logioia

Reliable Industries Ltd.


P: 345-938-2337

All inquiries will be responded to within 24 hours.