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Auto And Boat Cleaning

Auto And Boat Cleaning

Auto And Boat Cleaning

Clean upholstery helps keep your car's resale value and keeps its beauty longer. How often do we eat in the car and spill it on the upholstery? Reliable Industries Ltd. is here to keep your car upholstery in the best condition possible.

Auto carpet fibres are usually made of synthetic nylon. Dirt and debris not only get into the carpet fibres, but they also get ground down into the bottom of the fibres and into the backing. Even if you have vacuumed and the carpet has the appearance of being clean, there could still be ground in dirt, hair, food, grease and bacteria deep inside. Let the professionals at Reliable Industries Ltd. leave you with a clean car carpet, deep down into the fibres.

Boat carpet cleaning is like cleaning any other carpet. When we invest our hard-earned money into a boat, we want to give it the care and maintenance needed to preserve its beauty and longevity. Professional boat carpet cleaning is one part of your boat maintenance that you can check off of your list, when you call Reliable Industries Ltd.

One thing to be careful of with boat carpet is the opportunity for mould to grow. This is one reason to have regular maintenance carried out on your boat carpet. Mould can cause health and respiratory issues that no one wants. Regular steam carpet cleaning on your boat can rid the carpet of mould and lengthen the life of your boat carpet.

When trying to clean your own boat carpet it is easy to have the carpet remain too wet. With our steam cleaning method your carpet will be dry in no time. Let the professionals do the work to protect your investment.

To inquire more about our carpet cleaning services please fill out the contact form or call us at 949-9303.

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